RFID E-Seals

Electronic Seals with RF Identification

  • Our well-proven technology has been adapted to incorporate the latest RFID chips in order to offer improved traceability and easy retrieval of crucial information
  • In addition to their intrinsic security features, our FastGrip cable seals and TransBolt container seals can now also house passive RFID circuit and antenna, completely hidden inside the body but which can be read from a distance with the appropriate scanner
  • Several specific models such as our new TwistGrip meter seal or our StrapSeal for big bags are now also fitted with the same RFID technology
  • We can encapsulate standard 13.56 Mhz chips or UHF 900 Mhz circuits in our seals
  • As part of our RFID program, we recommend scanners which have been tested to provide the best readability with our E-Seals - download UHF scanner data sheet