Bolt Seals

TransBolt Series

There is more to good security than simply strength. Over many years of developing seals we have witnessed so many recurrent tampering methods that we are convinced that the main threat to the user is tampering and hidden substitution rather than destruction. 

Our unique design, in wich all markings on the seal are fully encapsulated, ensures modification is impossible without destroying the seal.


  • Exceptional strength : solid steel pin and inner core removable with bolt-cutters only (pulling load over 1,3 tons)
  • Excellent passive security features:
    • raised triangle shape ensures that should the seal be cut and re-glued, the user will be alerted
    • matching serial number can be printed on the pin head
    • guide on the barrel ensures proper locking of the pin and acts as indicator of any tampering
    • Our database provides clients with necessary data, e.g. seal number, delivery date, place, user etc
  • All our bolt seals are manufactured to the ISO-PAS 17712 & C-TPAT standards, and are accepted by UK, US, EC and Taiwan customs authorities