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New RFID E-Seals

A whole new line of E-Seals with RFID technology has been developed, using our proven cable and bolt seal designs, enhanced by the latest RFID chips to provide efficient protection and easy retrieval of the information.

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GP Plastic Indicative Seals

The new line of GP Plastic Indicative Seals is now available from our compehensive security programme, offering low cost solutions for a wide range of applications. Several marking techniques can be used to customize them with company logo's or barcodes: laser engraving, thermo-transfer, hot stamping or ink-jet printing. Nylon is an option for some models.

  • GP410 Bag Seal - low cost flat pull through seal with tear-off feature and label holder, one-piece polypropylene, 345mm overall length, 295mm tail length, 5.6mm width

  • GP411/413 Rat tail Seal - strong adjustable round tail seal with metal insert, polypropylene, ultrasonicaly welded, 290 or 360mm overall length, 3.7mm diameter, 30kgf tensile

  • GP412 Strap Seal - robust strap seal with metal insert and tear-off option, polypropylene, ultrasonicaly welded, 430mm overall length, 7.5mm width, 35kgf tensile

  • GP540 Pull Seal - light beaded pull up seal with tear-off feature and acetal insert, polypropylene, 175mm overall length, 155mm tail length, 2.7mm diameter

  • GP120 Anchor Seal - high strength meter seal with steel wire, polycarbonate (PC), different lengths of wire attached or not to body


With $20 Billion of goods stolen from containers every year, increasingly desperate and ruthless human traffickers and the ever increasing threat from global terrorism new kinds of container lock are continuously being developed by Allied Seals.